Can Rink Seal Pro™ be installed in existing coolant?

Yes, Rink Seal Pro is specifically designed to be directly added to your system’s coolant.

Will Rink Seal Pro™ work in any coolant?

Yes, Rink Seal Pro is compatible with all coolants including brine solutions.

How does Rink Seal Pro™ work?

Once installed, Rink Seal Pro’s particles penetrate and collect at the outside of the leak and build inward, establishing a permanent seal on the outside of the leak.

How long does it take for the Rink Seal Pro™ to work?

Results are typically seen within two days, depending on the size of the leak. In most cases the leak will be sealed in one day.

Will Rink Seal Pro™ plug or damage my refrigeration system?

No, Rink Seal Pro’s™ particles will easily pass through a 24-gauge mesh screen, which is about the same as a household screen door. Note: Shaler recommends using a filtration system on all systems, especially brine-based systems, which are susceptible to corrosion.

Can Rink Seal Pro™ be used in Direct Refrigeration Systems (DFS)?

No, Rink Seal Pro™ cannot be used with R–22 or any other type of refrigerants that are used in Direct Refrigeration Systems.

Is Rink Seal Pro™ difficult to install?

No, all you have to do is mix with desired coolant and introduce it at a rate of one gallon per minute (1 gal/min). You can either add coolant if your low or simply take coolant out of the systme to mix.

How do I install the product?

Very easily. Once the product is mixed (see instructions here), add Rink Seal Pro™ where you normally add glycol or brine to the system.